Amateur attempt world class Military Drill

Big thanks to the Norwegian Army for letting me be part His Majesty the King's Guard, military drill is not easy! Check out for more info about the Norwegian Army.
Music and Sound Effects:​​​
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Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø
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  • I normally hate drill, but i like the way you Norwegians cut about, from a brit squaddie.

    patrickww99patrickww99Time siden
  • I thought we were doomed when nuclear war started to become a reality... But it seems we are preparing for a big military dance-off

    Martin FiskerMartin FiskerTime siden
  • 19:10 only because it happent to me as well .. i bet he hit his leg

    god bless america usagod bless america usa7 timer siden
  • KP2, tropp 3, kont. 1510 ;)

    BrzeczyszczykiewiczBrzeczyszczykiewicz8 timer siden
  • My man is not afraid to try

    binay raiibinay raii8 timer siden
  • why do i hear america the beautiful

    Peter 1808Peter 180820 timer siden
  • Sad that i'd be too tall to join.

    JariidJariid21 time siden
  • wait the BGM is America the beautiful?

    Tianqi ChenTianqi ChenDag siden
  • 14:21 That person with no weapon is a great mime

    History WiseHistory WiseDag siden
  • 🌈

    Oliver BaileyOliver Bailey2 dager siden
  • Marines are better

    Norwegian GuyNorwegian Guy2 dager siden
  • Hærens Jegerkommando would be awesome to see.

    Veit SpeerVeit Speer2 dager siden
  • Magnus whats that bagpack that you have on in the vid. Interessted in it.

    Kombi 88Kombi 883 dager siden
  • Jeg trodde du var amerikansk før jeg så navnet ditt😂

    Shut DownShut Down3 dager siden

    mxbruhmxbruh3 dager siden
  • I would never get that ritme sound out of my head hahah

    TotallyRandomTotallyRandom3 dager siden
  • Try the United States Marine Corps, hardest of em all. They’re color guard is 👌🏻

    Typical MansTypical Mans5 dager siden
  • That rifle ground-slam got me shook

    Juan HernandezJuan Hernandez5 dager siden
  • American M1 garand :D

    Mr. TruthMr. Truth6 dager siden
  • i wonder why he talk english when he is norwegian!???

    NighTmaRe MinecraftNighTmaRe Minecraft8 dager siden
    • It is because he makes it for his international fans. It is a way to get more views.

      abcabcboyabcabcboy7 dager siden
  • Jegertroppen, showcase one of the best female units we have. Might also be a fun challenge to see how Magnus compares against some of them! :D

    TwistyBro EUTwistyBro EU8 dager siden
  • That norwegian camo is so 60's

    Henna PeltonenHenna Peltonen9 dager siden
  • That DI just couldn't help himself. "Oh, you're a NOcds star? ELBOWS IN YOU WORTHLESS TURD!"

    Atlas531Atlas5319 dager siden
  • Magnus, you really put yourself out there. To be in a hall with so many professionals and not being overwhelmed is as impressive as your pull-up records!

    Atlas531Atlas5319 dager siden
  • The guy without a gun must have dropped his? Has to practice without as punishment?

    Atlas531Atlas5319 dager siden
  • Gardenhallen, Huseby Leir, 3. Gardekompani. Very nice.

    iTzChrisHDiTzChrisHD10 dager siden
  • Bananas course, the only excuse is youth, my case too, sad but true

    money talksmoney talks12 dager siden
  • what is this one guy without weapon ?

    OdiPandaOdiPanda15 dager siden
  • The one guy who has donated his rifle to Magnus and does everything perfect with no rifle.. the real MVP

    ZythZyth16 dager siden
  • Is it just me, or does he resemble Bilbo Baggins a bit? And the way he tries to keep up with them makes me think of Bilbo and the dwarves :) (but obviously the dwarves are bigger than Bilbo since he is a hobbit)

    RebelheartRebelheart16 dager siden
  • Magnus did amazing. Honestly, there’s always a moment in Drill and Ceremony where the person has reached mental saturation after they have begun to get better at simple things. They stop actively thinking about those simple things and mistakes happen. The muscle memory isn’t there yet, but the mental memorization almost is. That usually takes longer than just a couple hours. You can see this moment in Magnus’s face when he knows he shouldn’t have made a simple mistake. But, then there is always a period of growth directly after that where those simple movements become reinforced and more complex movements become possible for memorization. All in all, excellent job.

    Joseph AllenJoseph Allen17 dager siden
    • This can be applied to people first learning how to climb as well. Those simple fundamentals of climbing need to be remembered and reinforced before moving on to more complex movements. This concept explains why you see “peaks and valleys” in your training ability. Your brain literally needs time to process what it has learned (usually during sleep).

      Joseph AllenJoseph Allen17 dager siden
  • playing "America the Beautiful" in the background? at the beginning... Norway has beautiful buildings and 1. man everything is pretty clean 2. now I"m looking up Norwegian royalty, I did not know the Norse still had royalty, apologies. much respect from VIrginia

    Tiberius CurraheeTiberius Currahee17 dager siden
  • looks like Steve rogers from the first captain America movie

    noah siwesnoah siwes17 dager siden
  • veldig flott video!

    Mari Enger MalvågMari Enger Malvåg18 dager siden
  • how about mabye Luftforsvaret? like 330- skvadronen sola?

    LilliumLillium19 dager siden
  • Fjern esk!

    Tommy JohnsenTommy Johnsen19 dager siden
  • Around 14 mins, that guy without the rifle. Impressive stuff

    Alexander NeumannAlexander Neumann20 dager siden
  • I did not know Norway had a king.

    Elliot BridgeElliot Bridge20 dager siden
  • The tassel on that forage cap would drive me nuts...

    AshmodaiAshmodai21 dag siden
  • The drill troop is exremely precise on everything the frontline doesnt care much about.

    Allmighty DoGeAllmighty DoGe21 dag siden
  • I'm actually graduating the Australian navy and learning all the basic drill is hard, even after 3 months you still mess things up. This was very enjoyable to watch and P.S. this drill is absolutely crazy

    Liam BardenLiam Barden21 dag siden
  • magnus should do the navy next

    I WILL DO IT ALLI WILL DO IT ALL22 dager siden
  • The whole purpose of this is to make the human a robot

    nzonicnzonic22 dager siden
  • `how can banging the weapon on the ground not damage it?

    सूर्य भण्डारीसूर्य भण्डारी22 dager siden
  • So fun to see Magnus trying his best :-)

    ThomasSFHThomasSFH23 dager siden
  • That was cracking. You did really well. I only got through basic training (RAF) because I was injured part way through and couldn't do the marching 'exam'. I would definitely have been back-flighted otherwise! Any and all military collabs sound awesome.

    scubabunny81scubabunny8123 dager siden
  • These videos have been some of my favourite from you. Very proud to watch you do something brings back days from when I did cadets as a teenager, the drill is hard enough without adding a weapon to the mix. Inspirational.

    Carla JamesCarla James24 dager siden
  • I’m a ex guardsman from the U.K. You should try our drill. As we guard Buckingham Palace for the Queen and other places around London.

    Chris AttisChris Attis25 dager siden
  • those drills are insane

    OʊdɪnOʊdɪn26 dager siden
  • this looks so hard especially with those gloves i can imagine how slippery the gun is in those, but nice job

    OʊdɪnOʊdɪn26 dager siden
  • Now I want to see you try dance! Or maybe be a part of norwegian Dancing with the stars (Skal vi danse). That would be fun. :)

    Veslemøy FlotveVeslemøy Flotve27 dager siden
  • hey i saw a lot of your videos but this one is the best hey i saw a lot of your videos but this one is the best

    Aga MakowskaAga Makowska27 dager siden
  • These are just great, any division would be awesome!

    Otávio FerrariOtávio Ferrari27 dager siden
  • I m Indian 🇮🇳my mother job Army u my favourite person god luck❤️❤️💚

    Mayukh PurkayasthaMayukh Purkayastha28 dager siden
  • this is so cool !

    Sheng LongSheng Long29 dager siden
  • Why that one guy doesnt have a gun?

    TymexComputingTymexComputing29 dager siden
  • Those are great dancers

    KwackKwack29 dager siden
  • This is the video definition of "He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit."

    bofooit gojobofooit gojoMåned siden
  • Wow! This is really bringing me back. Remember the sergeant, quite nice, but really strikt. Glad I has a guard soldier

    TinyDeviTinyDeviMåned siden
  • Took me a while to realize it's translating to English that makes them stutter the name "His Majesty the Kings' guard."

    MooseMooseMåned siden
  • Dette PATETISKE miliæret har blit til en feministisk hestehaleheltegjeng best for instagram...og nei, de er ikke world class i det hele tatt...

    K LK LMåned siden
  • This is the video definition of "He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit."

    niduoe streniduoe streMåned siden
  • He is the only man with hair lol

    Hash BrownsHash BrownsMåned siden
  • 6:20 First bit of information about that rifle ... DONT POKE ANYONE WITH THE POINTY BIT!

    Muck006Muck006Måned siden
  • This gives me life! 🙏🏻😂 Magnus du ser ut som ei elegant kløna når du holde på! 👏🏻😂 Eg e imponert! 👏🏻 Du e god! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Tova BysheimTova BysheimMåned siden
  • I am simple woman. I see Andreas and I click

    Jana HejdovaJana HejdovaMåned siden
  • I've just realized I've never actually seen these uniforms before

    Agent GhostAgent GhostMåned siden
  • That guy wanted to yell so bad

    Its_10kayIts_10kayMåned siden
  • Hadde vært staselig å se deg på en «øvelse». Type 4.etg (NRK) gjorde med TMBN. Par døgn med slit, litt skyting og div. Kanskje lettest å komme med på øvelse med HV innsats i et par dager. Eller prøv 2. bat, TMBN, jegertroppen, Fallskjermjeger, KJK eller naturligvis MJK/FSK Beredskapstroppen (politiet) er jo også en mulighet.

    S01NORS01NORMåned siden
  • 13:50 NPC.exe missing propNWRifle.jpeg

    Raffael900meRaffael900meMåned siden
  • "Don´t touch your bayonette like that!" Bad boy, Magnus! 😂

    mikin liroumikin lirouMåned siden
  • One of their tightest drills ever in my opinion from 2004. One of few drills I couldn't spot a single mistake.

    K HK HMåned siden
  • I love how there was a calm & relaxing piano playing on the background while they were being absolute badasses, I mean look at them!

    vinasu maajvinasu maajMåned siden
  • hey if any one reads this that climbs in the us. What are some good websites to buy climbing gear? relatively one with quick shipping as im trying to get gear to go climbing this weekend. my gyms rents shoes out but in honesty that sounds pretty gross to me. Also what caulk would you recommend for a rookie. caulk bucket or caulk bag?

    Justin DossJustin DossMåned siden
  • Bruh the drills highkey fucking sick.

    Jonah HusakJonah HusakMåned siden
    • Look up HMKG drill 2004. One of the tightest drills I've ever seen them do

      K HK HMåned siden
  • As someone who led/taught rifle drill (AFJROTC in high school) and marched in bands for 25 years, you did remarkably well for your first time out. (Hi NKG from MCV Fifes & Drums - I last played with you in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Sydney 2010) Been spending the past few years of band retirement rock climbing and traveling to Norway instead. ;-) So this video ticked a lot of boxes for me, thx.

    FiferJanisFiferJanisMåned siden
    • Anyone else still having nightmares about their own mandatory military drill?

      vinasu maajvinasu maajMåned siden
  • They’d take some matching. Never mind beating!

    Paul LeighPaul LeighMåned siden
  • Now take the king's guard to a climbing gym.👍🏻

    Christoph EignerChristoph EignerMåned siden
  • I love how there was a calm & relaxing piano playing on the background while they were being absolute badasses, I mean look at them!

    bilij pdanbilij pdanMåned siden
  • Having served in the Kings Guard myself, Magnus did really well considering this was his first time ever doing military drill. Managing to adapt to the pace pretty well in such a short time was impressive. A nice trip through memory lane for me

    Sebastian KalsnesSebastian KalsnesMåned siden
  • As a Swedish Royal Mounted Guard (old school) I like this video.

    Henric CarlssonHenric CarlssonMåned siden
  • Yaa, norwegian :0

    Marina PedersenMarina PedersenMåned siden
    • series. Brings back many good memories.

      bilij pdanbilij pdanMåned siden
  • saw my buddy get stabbed through the bicep by the dude behind him once practicing drill with bayonets in boot camp, its amazing how hard stuff like this is compared to just watching it

    Kenneth LeblancKenneth LeblancMåned siden
  • Det heter royal palace, ikke castle. Videre, 3 infanterikompanier, et støttekompani og "band and drill team", slettes ikke "badminton draw team". Respektløst....

    kjaa1kjaa1Måned siden
  • Sgt. Gresseth is an extremely handsome man, not gonna lie.

    SneakerjuiceSneakerjuiceMåned siden
  • This is the video definition of "He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit."

    yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouyMåned siden
  • Honestly those Gents do a fine job at Drill. As a Marine there is a familiar feeling when doing Port arms and Carry Arms with the clicks and pops sounding so beautifully that it just makes doing it so pleasing. Anyone seeing this and wanting to do it , I shall implore you to but when learning. Learn it as you wood an instrument , for that is what they are Instruments of destruction ready to die but never will.

    Larry ChandlerLarry ChandlerMåned siden
  • You did exceptionally well, Magnus. walk not only like a soldier but a one man army. just the haircut is a little.... feel like you are here to inspect them.

    Nelson's GamingNelson's GamingMåned siden
  • "Don´t touch your bayonette like that!" Bad boy, Magnus! 😂

    bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
    • This just screams, “WELCOME TO BAND CAMP FRESHMAN!”

      yaliso gioouyyaliso gioouyMåned siden
  • Magnus, do you think you would be able to beat this? I think you would! 💪🏼

    Rikard 747Rikard 747Måned siden
  • Anyone else still having nightmares about their own mandatory military drill?

    VargadVargadMåned siden
  • Try MJK!

    PapaDocPapaDocMåned siden
    • Could you be a Jägarsoldat for a day? 😜

      bssni touirbssni touirMåned siden
  • I like the look on Magnus' Face around 19:20 when he is obviously trying and realizes he cannot keep up with the tempo and movement coordination. This is funny to watch, but also seriously hard to do in such a short amount of time. Overall, very good job.

    Felix xyzFelix xyzMåned siden
  • 👋 across the face- What side is that, Pyle? Lol

    CJCJMåned siden
  • This is the video definition of "He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit."

    drttyu liqmdrttyu liqmMåned siden
  • Ok now i want to see those guys try bouldering.

    Mathias MongeMathias MongeMåned siden
  • I have had my share of "sluttet ordren" (drill exercise) in both Army and HV (National Guard), but these guys take it to another level. World class! I love the Magnus/Army collab series. Brings back many good memories.

    Christian SyversenChristian SyversenMåned siden
  • If your doing the Royal Air-force, try and get in one of the helicopter units. Much cooler than F16. Their jobs are so versatile, really would make an exciting video :)

    SargeSargeMåned siden
    • Ok.. Nice video.. Why is there one soldier in line without his weapon doing the drills?

      drttyu liqmdrttyu liqmMåned siden
  • I never thought I’d say this but this seems even more intense then the us military

    ValinValinMåned siden
  • Not that it really matters what I think, however, these past three videos with the Norwegian Army have been really cool. Much love from TX, USA.

    TheMadHatter3DTheMadHatter3DMåned siden